Could you have shadows that have you questioning of who you authentically are?
Could you have shadows that have you questioning of who you authentically are?

I want to start out by saying just because someone has a lot of shadows doesn’t mean they are an evil person.

  • Some of the greatest healers became master plus healers because they once were filled with darkness and shadows.
  • Some of the greatest lightworkers evolved from being broken people.
  • Some of the most loving people were birthed from being filled with hate and learning to purge that hate.
  • Some of the most successful energy workers were once existing on the lowest frequency of energy survivable.
  • Some of the happiest people filled with an overabundance of joy, just radiating at a very high frequency were once filled with the deepest grief and sadness not even fathomable to some.

I could go on and on about how just because someone is filled with jealousy, gossip, sadness, lack of self worth, always trying to make others feel bad or guilty for not treating you a certain way, dark, riddled with addiction, broken, lying to harm others, lying for no reason, drama seeking, self loathing, feeling sorry for life and situation, FEAR and more… ++++

The truth is simple.

Our thoughts attract our reality. What our mind sees, our body has no choice but to react. Let me give you a real life example of what can EASILY happen if you allow your mind to operate out of fear. You will attract your fear– whether it be truth or a lie.

  • IE: You find yourself starting to obsess over maybe an untruth your partner has said or done to you in the past; granted… you have already stated forgiveness for the untruth, so this untruth is over and done.
  • You start to remember every time your partner has EVER lied or been untruthful to you… no matter how long ago it was.
  • You mind and thoughts goes right back to that pain and hurt.
  • You are now in that low frequency of fear.
  • You begin to think of your partner in the present and you did in that past. Your trust is right back to that untruth.
  • You find yourself doing things that are obsessive to “catch your partner lying”. You are actually looking for your partner to be untrue to you! *Remember our thoughts are our realty. Energy follows thought and thought becomes what is. You will manifest your partner being untrue… even if that is actually not the case and just the illusion of your own manifestation and possibly attracting a person with the same illusions and vibrations to feed your fear.
  • You find yourself talking to people about all the bad things your partner is.
  • You find yourself talking to people who support your illusion and this fills you with almost an acidic hate. (For what was years ago and forgiven… this feeling is all a perception you are brewing, AND BREWING STRONGER EVERY DAY… if you allow it.)
  • You begin to HATE your partner.
  • You talk about your partner to others to gain sympathy.
  • You find yourself doing things in secrecy to “catch a lie”.
  • You don’t communicate any of this to your partner, so there is zero truth in communication.
  • You listen and believe either gossip or someone else’s twisted perception and now you have two illusions that are completely not true AT ALL!
  • One day you snap.
  • AND NONE OF THIS WAS EVEN TRUE. See how our minds can create madness. This is not who nature intended us to be. Our authentic self is LOVE. YOU ARE LOVE.

There is a lot more into this, and how even though someone could be in the above referenced example state of mind… that state of mind is not who they authentically are, and there is always the ability to heal the mind and free from those chains of hate.

The beautiful thing about experiencing darkness, when you are no longer in that darkness– you have a true gratitude for the light because you have experienced the darkness.

This is the first blog post for this page, and I will update more periodically. This was heavy on my mind today, so I put these words in print.

Tyra Woods-Wade, CCHT BCH