Meeting Someone From Your Past Life In THIS life.
Meeting Someone From Your Past Life In THIS life.

For people in my circle, as well as some of my clients, it is no secret that I remember being a railroad work married to the most beautiful soul named Nettie, who was tragically taken way too soon from the Scarlet Fever.

From the time I could speak, I would tell my dad how much I missed her.

For all of my life, I have searched for her to see if she came back for me. I died 11 agonizing years after she did. I searched all realms and nothing was found. I would dream of her often and wake up with a grieving heartache; leaving me feeling empty.

I had come from a family not rich in wealth. Nettie was from a family of rich wealth who was very certain she was not to marry me, but a rich Aristrocrat; well she chose a life with me and in her dying words she told me she wouldn’t have changed a thing. Her family disowned her over our love, and she chose me. I was not a man of any great wealth or having anything to give. I worked on a railroad box car and came home dirty everynight. She sewed her dresses and was the most magnificent gardener.

Did I find Her?

Yes, I did. I had thought possibly I had found her before, but that was only wishful hoping, and wasn’t. When I found her it wasn’t an immediate knowing like some suggest for these situations. I actually had somewhat of a weird interest in this person, but didn’t really care for her. At times, I would be so downright just almost disliking about this person… so in no way did I know right away. I could see this person for all of her faults and flaws. I would see this person with only EGO and had an annoyance beyond words, avoiding contact whenever possible. Then the weirdest thing happened. I had a dream that connected all the dots in the clearest of clear.

Did I end up with her again in this life?

No, and a big strong NO. lol!! I realized Nettie was a lesson for me to feel love and to love someone so hard that lifetimes couldn’t break that love. I also realized her soul was a split of mine and a mirror to show my ugly flaws as well as beautiful love. Her soul had actually been my daddy at one life and then my wife the next. The clarity and knowledge that started pouring in about Twin Flames and more and more memories were so confusing at first, because I didn’t even like this person– and I loved my Nettie so much. I began to follow and learn and listen and not listen and just be. I learned from my Twin Flame to love me again. My Nettie’s soul is the same soul, but not the same person as far as life experience’s, and overall environment.

So in writing this, I guess the moral to this little blurp of a writing piece is that not everything is as it seems. Not all past life memories and experiences are glamorous– as mine was only glamorous in the love I was able to hold. Realizing she was just a lesson in this big realm of things as well as really just a mirror image of me…. I let her go.

Goodbye GoldN

I let her go.

I let go.

I am free.

I have so much gratitude for this life’s love of mine– my beautiful husband. <3