4 Common Traditions in Dia de Los Muertos
4 Common Traditions in Dia de Los Muertos
Are you unfamiliar with the Day of the Dead? Well, you won’t be once you skim over this article. Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration where folks come together to celebrate the life of their deceased loved ones.
We’ll be listing off 5 traditions they incorporate during this day!

1. The Ofrenda

This refers to an alter dedicated to the loved ones that have passed on, which contains their favorite foods, drinks, and photos of them, this is to leave them with something to enjoy while on the other side.

2. Sugar Skulls

The sugar skulls are for more than just being delicious, sweet treats! Their significance is for the deceased, too. Some write the name of their loved one onto the treat with icing.

3. Alebrijes

Alebrijes are fantastical animals, which tend to be vividly colored and a combination of many different creatures. They’re meant to be guides for the living and were depicted in the Zapotec calender’s 20 day cycle!

4. Marigolds

Marigolds are scattered as far as the eye can see during the Day of the Dead festivities. Their bright petals are often made into shapes or trailed by the people scattering them, the deceased then follow the petals and connect to the living. They’re also called Cempasuchitl/ Cempasuchil by Mexican people! Their sweet smell is a good indicator of their welcoming presence.

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We hope you enjoyed our brief list of a few of the big, iconic factors that make up the Day of the Dead/ Dia de los Muertos! We hope you have a wonderful celebration and you pass the day with love and peace.