Grief & Loss

Here is a snippet from my “about me” page.  I personally know what it feels like to be hopeless, sad beyond words and have overcome.  Through my experiences of healing I now chose to dedicate my life to helping others.  YOU GOT THIS!

“Tyra has experienced and survived experiences that most people do not have to.  Through these experiences, Tyra naturally always had the mindset to be thankful for what WAS around her instead of focusing on the unpleasant environment and situations.  It is human to get upset, sad, have grief, experience loss and have some anxiety etc… The key to these natural feelings is to learn how to not wallow in them, to learn our thoughts attract our reality, to learn tools how to effectively get ourselves balanced again and to live the life we want with happiness.

Tyra and her infant brother Benny were taken from her biological mother at two years old, and although she never missed her biological mother because her memory of her was erased, this was something that always made her feel less than worthy because all the other kids had a mother who loved them and she did not.

There were other major struggles in her life that she survived, and was able to raise a family and have a successful life and career.  Tyra learned how to blend into society, and how to be successful to society’s standards of materialistic components, but when she was alone she always had this feeling of aloneness, not fitting in, anxiety in crowds and feeling like she was not good enough.  This was not true, but her perception.  As you will learn, what we perceive as true becomes our reality.  You see, Tyra had a loving husband and family as well as two successful businesses that were started from the ground up and more.

Tyra found her worth in compliments other people would give her, and whenever there was an especially hard day she would turn to her aunt Verna Lee who was the only woman Tyra knew to unconditionally love her.  In 2016 Verna Lee was suddenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died very shortly thereafter.  Tyra maintained her life as she needed to, but inside she was a mess.  Tyra has been known to call this her “shitstorm”.  This was the lowest she had ever been, and was also the beginning of an amazing healing journey which lead her to become the amazing hypnotherapist and energy healer she is today.”

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