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This is for a one hour session of ala cart hypnosis not including energy transfer chi healing.

What you can expect is to be asked to define what it is you want, as far fetched as it may sound. Anything is possible and achievable. Then visualize and describe what your life will look like with what you want. We then dive deeper, and your journey to healing success begins!

  • Accelerates positive thought patterns.
  • Help develop purpose.
  • Understand your identity.
  • Aids in achieving goals.
  • Help to stay to your beliefs and values.
  • Enhance your capabilities & skills.
  • Helps with behavior modification.
  • Understanding your environment & better ways to handle situations.
  • Increases vitality
  • Creates a vision of what you want.
  • Helps eliminate unwanted habits.
  • Weight loss, body discomfort management, self esteem issues and more.
  • Anything is possible!

For more information, please call/text or email me. 480.369.1683

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