Helping YOU heal with HUE!

T with EnerCHI

Spirit and intuition has been with me since birth; now I am sharing my gifts.

I became a hypnotherapist and energy worker because I was healed with these things after life traumas, and have a deep passion to help people. 

My hypnosis sessions are unique to everyone and do not charge by the hour, but by the session based on YOU.  First, I require a FREE consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for hypnosis.  Then, I will ask you what you want, why you want it, what things can you see yourself doing when you get it and then the magic happens.  Most times your hypnosis session is scheduled another day after I prepare an extensive session based on your needs. Hypnosis is $250 per session the first session, and repeat clients are $100 per session ever session thereafter.

Although one session is usually enough, with the stresses of life, people tend to enjoy coming back to simply re-group and relax through mind massage.

I provide extensive energy sessions that involve guided meditation, universal energy(chi) work as well as combining powerful hypnosis. I am board certified in clinical hypnotherapy & enjoy watching others succeed.

~Mind Massage ~ Energy Balancing ~ 

My natural abilities coupled with the certifications to match is the perfect balance for your healing success.

                Let’s get you well!  480.369.1683

Toll Free: 1- 833-EnerCHI

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist / Reiki Grand Master / Universal Energy Worker~~~ Tyra Woods-Wade, CCHt