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With Reiki becoming more popular once again, and essentially anyone being able to do it, more and more people are learning to become practitioners. Reiki to me is a label that is given to energy healing, the are are symbols and atunements… it can be a very beautiful experience.

As far as energy healing as a whole, it is just that- UNIVERSAL ENERGY. There are many methods to energy healing people label, such as Reiki, Quantum Touch Emotional Freedom Technique and then the unlabeled universal energy transfer that some of us, as myself were just born with. So even though all energy healing is amazing, I have a hard time labeling it to just one name. I do have my certification as a Reiki practitioner as well as other certifications for legitimacy as these labels have become trusted… but you will quickly see my universal energy transfer healing is probably something you have not experienced before.

I do not have EGO, or claim to be special because I can do this as I have seen once or twice in the past couple years. Energy transfer is happening all around us, within us and is us. If your not born with the natural feeling to feel and transfer this, it may be harder for you to activate, but not impossible.

My technique is that I first will have a conversation with you to determine if we are a good fit. I want to find out what is going on with you both good and not so pleasant in your life. I want to know what perfection in life looks like to you. What goals would you like to achieve. What habits or pains would you like to have stopped.

Then I want you to describe to me what you see your life looking like if this “perfection” were to become your reality.

I then will put my hands on you, skin to skin. Many times I will have music that was chosen by spirit just for you, along with specific scents specific for your healing.

I will guide you into a deep meditation most times, but not all times and begin to infuse neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) into your specific healing session. The marriage of NLP and Universal Energy Transfer is miraculous & I am only the tool in which it flows through to help others.

I am extremely humbled and honored with every energy healing session I am blessed to be used for. I have extreme gratitude for your trust and willingness to better yourself.

Let’s get you better. Healing YOU with HUE!

The information here is not to be taken as medical advice for specific health problems. Any decision you make involving the treatment of an illness should include advice of the medical doctor of your choice. Before making any change with your diet and exercise, be sure to consult with your physician. Do not change medications without professional advice.  Results may vary.

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