Addictions? Hypnotherapy Is Powerful
To Reach Goals That USED To Be Out Of Reach.
You Got This!
Low Self Esteem? Hypnosis Helps
You To Be The Person Nature Intended!

I help you to love yourself. <3
Your diagnosis doesn't define who you are.
Concentration Mental Blocks And
Lack Of Focus & Memory?
Try Hypnosis!
Your diagnosis doesn't define who you are.
About me

Hello! I’m Tyra Woods-Wade

I am now accepting new clients again. Everyone who was on the waiting list has been contacted and scheduled. If anyone was missed please call 833-363-7244. Enerchi is devoted to helping people heal through our proprietary process we've developed called ``hue``. We are made up of energy. Through hypnosis, massage, energy work and intuition, I help you heal you. My propriety process of wellness is different from person to person. When you are in the EnerCHI Wellness Center, all outside influences and troubles are forgotten and you are in the moment, experiencing energetic healing the way nature intended you to be. This process involves connecting with one another in an energy blending so I can better ``feel`` where you are at, and also so you may take on my vibration. From here we determine where the session is going to go.

At times, this involves high frequency music and me speaking to you till you go deep into a subconscious state of connecting yourself.

Other times, you will be on a massage table, under the sheet and getting a full body massage while listening to what intuition has for you in the background.

Those are just two scenarios. Every person and session is unique. I have clients who come in once a week simply for the massive relaxation and bodywork too. Whatever you want to achieve, you can. You control the session by being open minded and willing to achieve your goals.

I encourage you to call or text me with questions or to schedule a session or massage.
Reiki Grand Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist, Licensed Massage Therapist

License #MT-28060
Practitioner ID SY5633-BLAB-AC



During hypnosis, a person is said to have heightened focus and concentration. The person can concentrate intensely on a specific thought or...

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Energy Worker

Energy Worker

With energy healing your vibration and intention will be coupled with the energy healer’s vibration and intent, and the higher frequency vibration...

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Hypno-Massage and Massage Therapy is now coupled with EnerCHI Hypnotherapy! Specializing in Relaxation, Emotional Freedom, Swedish, Light Tissue...

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NLP Therapy

NLP Therapy

 NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming.  NLP is a beautiful approach to communication.  I help to reframe thought patterns by using your...

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Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

It is human to get upset, sad, have grief, experience loss and have some anxiety etc… The key to these natural feelings is to learn how to not...

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My Methods

Grief and Bereavement
Mindset Focus

I want to help others in their struggles now more than ever; I understand and actually feel what you are going through.

some things I help with


  • Sadness
  • Memory Recall
  • Self Esteem
  • Substance Abuse
  • Past Life Regression
  • Unwanted Behaviors
  • Tinnitus
  • Performance
  • Stress and Lifestyle Management
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Phase of Life Transitions
  • Weight Loss
  • Energy Work
Stephanie R.

Amazing. The fact that I've gone through 3 weeks of bad sleep and one message from her, I feel so much better.

Stephanie R.Facebook Reviewer
Sheryl I.

Tyra’s knowledge and continued dedication towards learning are admirable. She has gone through her own personal journey with hypnotherapy that inspired her to become a hypnotherapist. She is able to use her perspective and experience to help her clients cope with many challenges. Her spirit and heart for serving others to help them improve their lives is inspirational.

Sheryl I.Google Reviewer
Amanda D.

It took me a few days to write this review because for one I was at a loss for words for what happened in this office! I left feeling like a different being, I went seeking help in finding the old me, Tyra was so patient with me, listened to me, and worked on the things I really needed, she felt things I did not tell her, Tyra puts in her ALL. She chose specific exercises to fit my needs, including the scent of the room! Through my session Tyra continued to pour positive energy into my spirit, and help me remove negative energy. I also waited to write to allow my mind to settle and see if I still felt the same, yes I do. Tyra makes crystal jewelry and sells them for cost, this woman wants you to heal. She is teaching what she learned, as she is a healed woman herself. I highly recommend Tyra, go in with an open mind and an open heart and I promise you will have a good outcome!

Amanda D.Google Reviewer

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Board Certified

Quantum Touch Practitioner
CTAA –  Complementary Therapists Accredited Association
American Massage Therapy Association Member ID 1917347
American Board Of Clinical Hypnotherapy
International Association of Counselors & Therapists
International Alliance Of Professional Hypnotists
International Association Of Reiki Professionals
International Board Of Coaches & Practitioners
International Certification Board Of Clinical Hypnotherapy
International Medical And Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Platinum Chamber Of Commerce Member
BBB Approved Therapist

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The information here is not to be taken as medical advice for specific health problems. Any decision you make involving the treatment of an illness should include advice of the medical doctor of your choice. Before making any change with your diet and exercise, be sure to consult with your physician. Do not change medications without professional advice.

 Practitioner ID SY5633-BLAB-AC